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Q. Do your holsters have a warranty?    Yes, all of our holsters come with a limited lifetime warranty. Basically, if the holster fails while being used properly we will gladly replace or repair the faulty item.


Q. Which leather backing is right for me?    Unfortunately this is not a quick, easy answer.  It boils down to preference.  For instance, The Companion Holster is roughly 25% smaller, so it is overall less bulky (but it doesn't disperse the weight quite as well as The Highway Holster for heavier guns).  The Highway Holster as mentioned is a bit wider, so it does disperse the weight of a larger gun better (not all firearms need this though).  So it all goes back to your needs and preferences.


Q. I noticed that I can select "Mag Release Relief Cut" on the Highway and Highway Deluxe holsters, but not on the Companion holster, Why is that?   That's because the Companion holster only comes cut relieved around the magazine release (this holster is a minimalist design).  Both the Highway and Highway deluxe holster were designed to offer the option of leaving the magazine release covered on the leather side (all scabbards cover the magazine release regardless of the leather design).  However some firearms have a more prominent or soft magazine release.  So the "Mag Release Relief Cut" is a better option for those firearms. 


Q. Why don't you have the hardware covered on the back of your leather?   Honestly, because it adds bulk to an in the waist band system.  We get great results from our current design.  We see people all the time that are carrying a 44 Holster who tell us that they never knew that concealed carrying could be so comfortable (multiple fullsize 1911 carriers have told us that they forget that the gun is even there).  We don't want you to forget about your firearm, but that is proof that our wider design is doing what we claim it does.


Q. Will the Scabbard (Kydex) portion harm the finish of my firearm?   No.  The kydex is softer than the finish on your firearm and all sharp edges are removed.  However keep in mind that it is a carry gun and as with any gun that is carried blemishes may happen regardless of which carry style you use.


Q. So...wait. You want me to trust my firearm to snaps?   Yes, Yes I do.  When worn properly the snaps are compressed between your body and belt line.  They will not fail in that postion.  Infact, you may even find the snaps somewhat difficult to remove when you are intentionally trying to remove the scabbard to put a different one on.


Q. Okay, so I decided I want one. What do I do if my model gun is not listed?   Please get a hold of us via the Contact Us page and let us know which model you are looking for.   We are continiously updating our gun models.

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