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Starting a blog to inform you of what is happening at 44 Holsters.

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Welcome, First off thank you to everyone that has helped our business grow these past couple years.  We could have never imagined that it would be this successful.  Over the years we have meet some wonderful people, from our customers, to our gun enthusiasts and others trying to grow their businesses.  The support and well wishes have been overwhelming.  We are truly a family owned and operated business. Jerry and myself work full time, and have two young children; but with our families help we are able to get holsters out daily.  It has been a lot of hard work....but oh so worth it. 

We are starting a blog to help you stay connected with us.  Traveling across Michigan for gun shows throughout the year helps us to mold customers "unique" models so they can use our interchangeable design to its fullest.  It also provides the opportunity to try on our holsters before buying.  We bring a limited amount of leather backers so it is nice to know in advance if you are coming to see us for your holster needs.  

This blog will be updated often with show dates, changes happening with 44 Holsters and even important information on conceal carrying.  

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

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